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Unlock the potential of keyless filling

July 27, 2017

Heating systems need to be re-pressurised for optimum performance, but traditional methods involving a built-in key or an external filling loop can sometimes be confusing for the end user.

Worcester Bosch Group’s Keyless Filling Link is the key to keeping things simple.

Traditional filling links have a wide range of potential difficulties. Besides problems operating or even locating the device, there is also the risk of leaving a filling link attached or in the ‘on’ position once it has been used.

This could result in a number of issues, from leaks and loss of heating, to over pressurisation and even a failure within the appliance.

The key to fewer call-outs

Worcester’s Keyless Filling Link is the easiest filling type to use for re-pressurising the boiler, largely because of its simple, one-step operation.  Thanks to the manufacturer’s design, system top-ups can now be handled by the homeowner, giving you time to focus on more urgent or complex call-outs.

Quick to install, easy to use

The Keyless Filling Link connects directly to Worcester’s Greenstar gas-fired combi boiler wall-mounting frame without the need for a hose or key. The filling link is always connected to the appliance to avoid inconvenience; the end user will never need to find a key or connect a separate loop, and will now be able to re-pressure their system alone, quickly and easily.

Additionally, the device will automatically return to the ‘off ’ position once released, reducing any risk of appliance failure and giving you added peace of mind.

To learn more, read our full article in our latest Buzz magazine or visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

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