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A Look At Rangemaster’s Multi-Function Ovens

June 2, 2014

We take a look at the Rangemaster Multi-function ovens in detail. Just choose from the eight functions, set the desired temperature and get cooking.

Eight Available Functions from Rangemaster Ovens

Rapid – Heats 30% quicker than regular fanned function and ideal for re-heating.

Fanned – Distributes heat evenly through oven, ideal for cooking multiple items such as batch baking bread or cakes.

Fanned grill – The fan distributes heat evenly around food and closed door grilling gives a browned finish on meat or fish.

Fan assisted – Fan moves the heat around so it’s hotter at the top, giving you flexibility for cooking. The three-zone heating is ideal for cooking a Sunday roast – roast belly of pork at the top, Yorkshire puddings in the middle and puff pastry type dessert at the bottom.

Conventional – Heats from both top and bottom with even cooking and browning, perfect for roast meats.

Browning – Finish dishes such as lasagna or enchiladas with a blast of heat from the top element.

Base heat – Heats from the bottom element only, which is best for slow cooking such dishes as casseroles or crisping pizza bases and pastry dishes.

Defrost – No heat is distributed, but the fan draws the cold air away from the frozen food. This way of defrosting is more hygienic than leaving it out on a work surface all day.

With these eight functions, a Rangemaster Multi-function oven is the perfect partner in the kitchen for preparing meals. Contact bcg for more information on stocking Rangemaster ovens.

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