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Buzz Magazine – Fernox

October 16, 2017

Over time, a dirty, untreated central heating system can become inefficient, expensive and could eventually result in boiler and system failure. However, by correctly dosing the system using market leading chemical water treatments from Fernox and installing a Fernox TF1 Omega Filter, it will be protected from circulating debris, which can damage vulnerable components and cause unnecessary installer call backs.

The professionalism of the service offered to homeowners not only reduces the time installers spend on site but the personal recommendations of a job well done will help to grow your business and reputation.

The first step to a cleaner system is using the high quality Fernox Cleaner F3 500ml. Non-foaming and compatible for use with all powerflushing machines, this powerful, universal cleaner is fast and effective to use and will clear a system of sludge and installation debris, saving crucial time on- site. For heavily contaminated systems the one litre Cleaner F5 or Cleaner F5 Express is also available.

Once the system is cleaned, it should be protected from future contamination by dosing with a quality Inhibitor. The Fernox Protector F1, available in a 500ml and Express aerosol, will treat a 100 litre or three to four bedroom house. Simple to use and designed to be left in the system, this market-leading treatment will prevent the risk of contamination and, when used in conjunction with Cleaner F3, achieves 15% gas savings every time a room is heated.

An in-line system filter should ideally be installed on the return to the boiler to capture any rogue corrosion debris. An effective dual action filter, which can trap and contain magnetic and nonmagnetic debris will offer the best protection of the boiler and other vulnerable system components- to increase the lifespan of the boiler and maintain optimum efficiency.

Incorporating both Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology to slow the flow of water and allow non-magnetic debris to fall to the bottom of the filter, and a powerful neodymium magnet to capture magnetic materials, the TF1 Omega Filter captures superior levels of system debris.

In the event a filter is installed, an inhibitor designed to work specifically with filters maybe used – the Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector enhanced inhibitor with dispesant, contains molecules that are able to detect and lift debris and carry it directly to the filter for safe collection.

To save additional time on- site, these high quality chemical treatments are also available in the Fernox Express range. Containing the same chemical formulations and active ingredients as their 500ml counterparts, the Fernox Express range has been designed for use with in-line filters such as the TF1 Omega Filter. Able to dose the system in just 30 seconds, the Express range includes the F5 Cleaner Express, Filter Fluid+ Protector Express, and Protector F1 Express – to make servicing faster and easier- with no need to drain down the system.

Protecting central heating systems is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency and low running costs. By utilising marketleading filter technology and chemical water treatments from Fernox, both efficiencies and boiler longevity can be maintained with ease.

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